Firebrand Poker and Blower



The Firebrand Poker and Blower is a unique, high quality fireplace tool.

Its clever design enables it to act as both a fire poker and fire bellows.

The Poker and Blower is made from hollow high grade stainless steel tube and has a gently curved mouthpiece which enables you to blow through the poker to stoke up the fire.

The long shaft and hand-stitched leather handle keep you at a safe distance from the heat, and the prongs are shaped to easily push, pull or turn logs.

The Firebrand Poker and Blower is proudly designed constructed in New Zealand using a unique blend of specialised industries, including super-yacht technology, precision laser-engineering and vintage car leather craft.

It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Please note that we are sold out of pokers at present, but should have new stock arriving soon.